The Stinchcombe Hill Recreation Ground Trust

Common Registration Act 1965

The exact legal status of Stinchcombe Hill, and what part or parts of it were Common Land, and what rights of Common existed, and what this actually meant to the public has always been a fertile matter for discussion in the locality. For many years the inhabitants of the neighbourhood around Stinchcombe Hill had formed the habit of walking there for fresh air and exercise and playing games, even though part had been laid out as a Golf Course. The enactment of the Commons Registration Act 1965 gave to the Trustees and others the right to submit Applications for registration of Ownership and Rights of Common affecting Stinchcombe Hill.

It was clear that as the part of the Hill, which had formed part of the old Stancombe Estate, purchased from Mrs. Purnell-Edwards and her Trustees had been let as agricultural land it could never have been a Common or part of a Common. The Inclosure Award for the Parish of Stinchcombe preserved an area round Drakestone Point for fresh air and exercise by inhabitants of the Parish and neighbourhood but otherwise the land which Sir Stanley Tubbs purchased was conveyed to him by the Earl of Berkeley, the Cory Trustees and Sir Charles Prevost subject to such rights of Common as might exist. It proved impossible to obtain any better information at the time of purchase.

Applications were, therefore, made on behalf of the Trustees to register their ownership in the Register of Ownership maintained by the County Council and this was duly recorded as Unit Number CL136. No attempt was made to register any Rights of Gammon and therefore no adverse claims in respect of such rights can now be made by any Landowners. This was a satisfactory result for the Trustees as registered Rights of Common could have made the management of the Hill more difficult.

A plan is annexed showing with a green verge line the land owned by the Trustees and with a red verge line the land registered as Common land. Part of this land above Yercombe is not in the ownership of the Trust.

The area leased to the Golf Club has a blue verge line on this plan.